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Looking for passionate entrepreneurs

If you’ve ever thought about embarking on the adventure of entrepreneurship, you are undoubtedly a leader, one of the few who choose to forge their own path.

At SushiGo, we have chosen a way of life. We don’t just sell makis: we offer healthy, epicurean delights, served with a smile and the tea of the day. In today’s fast-paced world, this is a bold move.

Our philosophy is to put excellence and goodwill at the centre of our daily lives. It all starts with a passion for the customer. This is why we’re looking for more than just investors. We’re looking for ambassadors to embody these fundamental values. Could you be one of them?


Happiness, handmade

Everyone talks about quality these days. At SushiGo, we aren’t just tossing the word around: if you’ve tried our teas or our imaginative dishes, you know that true quality is on the menu at our restaurant.

All of our dishes are made by hand, with heart and know-how. Combining the finest ingredients with personal attention to detail has worked for us: SushiGo products are choice products. And given our respect for the environment, our leadership position is well-deserved.

The restaurant’s menu features sushi, soup meals, salads and loose tea. From the first taste, diners can tell that every ingredient is chosen with care. They can taste the difference fresh fish and vegetables make. They can tell right away that no preservatives are used. We offer superior quality, pure and simple.

SushiGo is a favourite among bustling urban dwellers and ambling epicureans. Somewhere between a full-service restaurant and a grab-and-go, we offer a warm, welcoming atmosphere without the long waits of table service or tips. People can linger over tea, steaming in the winter and icy cold in the summer, to the soft tempo of the music. Taking care of yourself at your own pace… what could be better?


Simple common sense

SushiGo has several locations in Ottawa and Gatineau. But the franchisers don’t compromise when it comes to putting quality before quantity. A SushiGo location has to be backed by committed, passionate people, or it won’t open. It’s that simple.

Lovers of Asian food have understood that SushiGo is different. This is why traffic has kept increasing, winter and summer, for almost five years. Everyone can get behind common sense.


Complete confidence

The SushiGo team supports you at every stage of your business development: business plan, financing, selecting a location, negotiating a lease, training, management support, advertising campaigns, and research and development. We’ll be there to guide you. We share your interest in succeeding, because your success is our success.

Going into business with SushiGo is a pleasure, pure and simple.

If you are interested in pursuing a SushiGo franchise opportunity, please complete the Franchise Pre-Application Form.